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Helloooo… It might sounds very very weird but right now I’m watching this horrible documentary on National Geographic about some tribe in New Guinea, who cut and slice their kids skin when they reach adulthood! You hear it right, people!!!! CUT AND SLICE THEIR SKIN!!!! Fuckin insaneeeeeeeeee!!!!! I don’t know why in the hell I’m watching all of these gores!!!!!! BLOODDDDDD EVERYWHERREEEEEE…

Meanwhile, I’ve just downloaded my new Tumblr client for my mac.. so I won’t need to open my browser everytime I want to make a post on Tumblr. Convenient, isn’t?

————————testing in progress———————————————

It works so well by the way, first of all I kept press the “PUBLISH” button over and over because I thought it wasn’t working properly but it turns out my posting is duplicated to a thousand posts….hahaha.. Idiot..

My tumblr client is Tumblweed, it works for both PC and Mac and you could downloaded here


See you soon

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One Day

One Day by David Nicholls
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s pretty much rare occasion for me to give a 5 stars rating on a book I’ve read. But for this one I just have to… I’m so emotionally involved with this book..haha..

The amazing thing about reading this book is like snooping to somebody else’s life (what’s more interesting to do than that..huehehe) We’re be brought by David Nicholls to have a lot peek about a life journey of Dexter and Emma. Especially to see how their relationship evolved for 20 years!! To witnessed their turmoils throughout the story. It’s like reading Dexter and Emma private journal.

It’s so awesome for me, how I also could get an emotional roller-coaster while I read this. Being happy, angry, sad, thoughtful, etc…you named it! I’ve got it all (or probably I’m being too drama queen about it ^_^)

I have to say, for 500-ish paperback with too little fonts size and line spacing and heavy working hours, I could managed finished this book “only” in 4 days. And people, that’s a sign for a very interesting storyline. If you like works from John Green, you’ll probably like this one. Well, It’s the adult version one.


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Yohooooo!!! I just couldn’t wait my short-short vaycay with my ladies to Bali next April. This girl needs a little break for hectic big city and deserved some beaches, umbrella drinks, laughter+giggles and probably a little some of shirtless boys ^_*

I always love Bali, love the ambiance and the people. Even though Bali is getting packed each year. Last time I went there is on last December 2012 New Year holiday. Oh my god, the traffic is so shitty…. totally not recommended using a car on high season. I recommended you to rent a motorcycle instead because is faster and cheaper.

Had so much fun last year, so I hope this April I could visit some places I couldn’t visit last year. Yeah, that’s that….. Hopefully you could have a nice pre-summer holiday too ^_^

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23 2 / 2012

23 2 / 2012

Storm Glass (Glass, #1)

Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Read from January 07 to 08, 2012 

I keep wondering why I didn’t enjoy this book like I did with Poison Study. On the last book of Study series, Opal Cowan is almost make me believe that she could be as kick-as as Yelena Zaltana.

Well, it didn’t happen — her overly lack of confidence makes me get bored throughout the book. I still don’t grasp the idea, why she could be that lack of confidence with herself. She got kick-ass skill as magician-in-training and an awesome glass maker. And she save lots people lives in the last Study series. Girl, being humble definitely different with underestimate yourself.

And for the hero part (actually I forgot his name) he’s so forgettable character. He’s like doing nothing and just stood there for the sake of having a “hero part” So, I really I got nothing to say about him. Well, all I do know is he’s a Stormdancer.

But I did survived to finished this book…YAY!!! (I hate to adding more books to my unfinished list) The winner is the world building!! Sitia, Ixia, other clan territories, riding horses all time…mmm… just makes me wanna go there and be part of it. This book always smell like an old magic, sort of like LOTR or Ursula K. LeGuin-ish ^_^

Bottom line is, I don’t really recommended this series, even though it’s still makes you want to know what will happen in next book. Just read the Poison Study first and the whole Study series.

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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5)

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from January 02 to 03, 2012 

You know what, I never expected myself to get hooked with this series. As I always say it’s nothing like Twilight, people!! Go grab this book and I promise you there won’t be a sappy romance and sparkling undead old man ^_^

Alright, if you already follow this series… You probably know that our kick-ass Rose Hathaway is on the move to find Dimitri (again) to restore him to be a Dhampir. But it goes vice versa cause Dimitri also hunting her. There’s nothing really major about this book — well, probably the ending…hehe.. But, since I don’t really like spoiler so I won’t mention anything at all.

What I do like is, this series constantly hooked me with their plot and pace of actions. Also their likeable characters even for the bad guys. It’s like watching your favorite series, you keep your eyes glued to the each action and won’t let yourself missed anything…haha… Catchy banter and dialogue also the reason why I’m falling love with this series. There’s no such thing as weak character which sometimes happened in the most genre of this “vampire-ish teen novel”

You could see that the heroines, Rose and her best friend Lissa growing up. Especially Lissa, because in the beginning she’s being portrayed as someone who rather “weak” but as the series goes, we could see she’s beginning to gain confidence and being kick-ass in her way.

Anyway, this book definitely an awesome go-to for the last book. Totally recommended!!

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Let’s join Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge!!! It’s probably too late when I’m posting this since the challenge is already started on January. I set my challenge for 30 books this year, 10 books shorter than last year. BUT, I probably increasing the challenge, who knows ^_^ one step at the time, peeps..
Click the image for view my complete list. I’ll try to write reviews regularly on this tumblr. Alrighty, makes yourself read more this year.. Good luck!

Let’s join Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge!!! It’s probably too late when I’m posting this since the challenge is already started on January. I set my challenge for 30 books this year, 10 books shorter than last year. BUT, I probably increasing the challenge, who knows ^_^ one step at the time, peeps..

Click the image for view my complete list. I’ll try to write reviews regularly on this tumblr. Alrighty, makes yourself read more this year.. Good luck!

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Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved, #1)

Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from November 26 to 29, 2011 

Actually, I put it down this book several times. I don’t know why maybe I’d just overly done my reading moment and I get bored. Finally, when I ran out books to read I stumbled on this book again.

It’s surprising me that the story is so far away from boring moment. The great thing about this book on this so happening moment of YA Paranormal/Supernatural fiction — This book actually got a very humble universe, the power on this book is rely on a “nicely played” storyline. They don’t have sparkling vampire, sappy romance, fancy actions, Mary Sue heroine or overly superior supernatural races. All the characters are “simply” an immortals, they just lived a very long life in our world. Well, maybe there’s a nice touch of magic and Norse mythology, but it’s not too much.

The immortals in this book are being humanized, yeah…It’s pretty unusual for this genre. They’re dealing with their issue about long lasting life, how do they make a right choice to being good with their powers, about love and friendship, about confidence and their life meaning. All the pretty same issue like normal people. It made me realized, that being the undead It’s pretty crappy too, mostly people want to be immortals, vampire, werewolf..you named it!

Even though It seems like those “heavy subjects” this book is very light and nice..haha… That makes me really like this book, the subjects are potentially to be boring and dragging. But, Cate Tiernan successfully build a nice storyline.


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All The Pretty Girls (Taylor Jackson, #1)

All The Pretty Girls by J.T. Ellison
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Read from November 03 to 14, 2011 

Haduuuuhhhh…What can I say, peeps!!! The worst found this year..hehe…
Oke berhubung gue baca versi terjemahan Indo nya, gue review pake bahasa Indo aja, ya… Sekalian karena gue masih mengebu-gebu mau complain..ihiy!!

Pertama, I started pretty slow with this book — gue pikir apa karena genre detektip-detektipan emang bukan termasuk genre favorit gue. Bisa dibilang gue jarang banget tertarik buat baca buku dari genre ini. Tapiiiii…. I’ve once read one of James Patterson’s Alex Cross series dan so far sih ternyata seru-seru aja. Ceritanya dan twistnya menarik buat diikutin. So, I’m giving a shot for this, karena based on sinopsis nya sih terlihat cukup menarik. Ehhhh..ternyataa….. Karakter sama alurnya terasa dataarrrrrrrrrrrr banget.

Tapi, gue masih sabar — “ah, masih beberapa bab pertama emang gini kali…” tapi ternyata lanjut aja terus sampe ke pertengahan dan bahkan sampe ke BAB AKHIR!!!!!!!! Tidakkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! Yang lucunya, alur ceritanya gak bikin sampe boring hanya itu tadi datar aja,gitu.

Dan yang bikin lebih gak nolong adalah karakternya. Si hero dan heroine, Taylor dan Baldwin chemistry nya gak ada sama sekali. Ckckckckck…. Interaksi antar mereka terasa dingin dan maksa padahal ceritanya mereka berdua pacaran. Dan si Baldwin yang dibilang sebagai salah satu FBI Profiler jagoan kagak ada berasa jago-jago nya…hehehe… Kacauuuuu!!!

Terakhir, setelah hampir nyampe ke ending mulai deh lebih ngaco lagi…. ceritanya sih mo bikin double twist dan sumpe ye twist-nya maksa banget,ciinnnnn dan si penulis ngasih overly TOO SUBTLE HINT (halah…sampe lebai tuh istilahnya) Capeeekkkk, dah… Dan bisa dipastikan sodara-sodara rasanya pengen saya jadiin ganjelan pintu aja ni buku..hahahaha… Ending nya feels forced dan asli ini ending paling datar dan kagak niat dari sebuah cerita yang pernah gue baca.

Gak tau,sih apakah ini gara-gara penerjemahan yang kurang oke atau gimana. Tapi rasanya sih nggak, ceritanya aja yang emang kacrut…huh..seballll…

So, my verdict is mending baca Lima Sekawan atau Empat Serangkai nya Enid Blyton kalo mau baca soal detektif-detektif asik..hehe… This book DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.

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Poison Study (Study, #1)

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Read from August 26 to 27, 2011 

Well, I’m simply love it. The universe, the characters, and of course the storyline. It’s quick and straight to-the-point without too carried away by eliminated the details.

The story sets in Ixia, a sort-of military-ruled territory. This place ruled by a Commander and each sub-territory ruled by General.

Long story short, Ixia also a place where any form of magic were banned. Any new born kids who shows any sign of magical traits mostly will be executed by Valek, a highly skilled Assassin, who’s in charge of Ixia’s security and keeping Commandor safe. He is famous for killing the old kingdom’s King, and he has the advantage of being immune to magic.

Our heroine, a nineteen year old girl named Yelena — who after spending just less than a year in a dungeon awaiting execution is given the chance to live on the condition that she will become the Commander’s Food Taster.

And now thing’s getting interesting… The story revolved on Yelena’s training as food taster with Valek and later when she developed romantic feeling toward him.

It’s just a simple story that’s so entertaining with magical universe that’s so well built. The plot line runs smoothly — also the ability Ms. Synder on describing the painful past of Yelena (so detail — it made cringed when I read it!) And the chemistry between Valek and Yelena are believable or maybe I just love enemy-turn-into-lover/teacher-student-lover kind of a thing ^_^ And of course, I always love my heroine — who’s courageous, smart and stubborn like Yelena. Not to mention is nice action packed ^_^ is not too much and overly done.

Two thumbs up!! If you’re fantasy-magical whore like me, I really recommended series for you.

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