23 2 / 2012

Yohooooo!!! I just couldn’t wait my short-short vaycay with my ladies to Bali next April. This girl needs a little break for hectic big city and deserved some beaches, umbrella drinks, laughter+giggles and probably a little some of shirtless boys ^_*

I always love Bali, love the ambiance and the people. Even though Bali is getting packed each year. Last time I went there is on last December 2012 New Year holiday. Oh my god, the traffic is so shitty…. totally not recommended using a car on high season. I recommended you to rent a motorcycle instead because is faster and cheaper.

Had so much fun last year, so I hope this April I could visit some places I couldn’t visit last year. Yeah, that’s that….. Hopefully you could have a nice pre-summer holiday too ^_^

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